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How can addiction contribute to criminal behavior?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Drug Crimes |

The motivations for criminal activity differ according to the individual situation. There is no single reason why someone may commit a crime, but there are different factors and circumstances that may make it more likely that a person will make less-than-ideal decisions for his or her life. Addiction can be a common reason why someone in California may commit criminal acts, and this struggle may be a reason for a defendant to act in a way that is violent or threatening.

There is significant evidence that connects acts of violence, drug use and criminal acts. If you are facing criminal charges due to an event that you believe your addiction fueled, you have the right to seek treatment and pursue the best possible outcome to your case through a thoughtfully prepared defense strategy.

Substance abuse and the likelihood for crime

Drug abuse and the abuse of alcohol can cause serious changes in cognition and behaviors, making it more likely that a person will react to things in a violent manner or make decisions that lead to the commitment of a crime. While it can lead to a higher likelihood of criminal behavior, abuse of drugs or alcohol could also be a coping mechanism a person uses after engaging in violent behavior or committing a crime. Alcohol abuse is especially prevalent because it is readily and easily available.

Statistics indicate that around 40% of all crimes committed are associated with alcohol use. In cases involving violence by one person against another, alcohol often plays a significant role. Statistics also indicate that approximately 60% of people who are arrested test positive for drugs. There is significant evidence that connects the use of various types of drugs with violent crimes, and many of those arrested have multiple drugs in their systems at the same time.

What can you do after an arrest?

After an arrest, you will benefit from knowing what defense options are available to you. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you have the right to seek support. You may need treatment, and you have the right to pursue rehabilitation and recovery from your addiction. This is possible to do as you simultaneously seek to confront whatever criminal charges brought against you by the prosecution. Due to the sensitive and complex nature of what you are facing, you will benefit from seeking professional guidance.