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California man accused of making child pornography

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2014 | Internet Crimes |

People can assume a variety of different identities while on the internet. People can be whoever they want and say whatever they want, with very few real-life consequences. However, the internet is still closely monitored by federal authorities who are trying to stop people from taking advantage of the anonymity the internet provides by conducting illegal activity.

In particular, federal authorities are concerned with the production and distribution of child pornography over the internet. Recently, a California man has been arrested and charged with federal Internet crimes for the alleged production of child pornography.

According to authorities, they became aware of pornography that was being created with the use of a four to six-year-old child. Police say that FBI investigators used clues in the images to determine the identity of the man creating the pornography.

The 42-year-old man that has been accused is a custodian at a California middle school. Following the charges, the man has been placed on unpaid leave from his job at the school. However, school officials stress that they do not believe children at the school were harmed by the man.

Immediate consequences – such as this man’s unpaid leave from his job – are common when someone is accused of federal internet crimes. However, it is important for all California residents to remember that people accused of crimes – even crimes against children – should be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

The internet is place filled with lies and other circumstantial evidence that prosecutors can try to use against a person. Those accused need to make sure they are as aggressive as federal prosecutors in presenting evidence of their innocence.

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