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3 things to know about federal criminal charges

The United States is said to be a free country, but there are laws that must be followed so that order in the country is maintained. When a person has allegedly broken these laws, that person is subject to criminal charges. The circumstances of the case determine if the charges will be state charges or federal charges. In the case of federal charges, it is important that the defendant learn as much as possible about the charges he or she is facing.

"Doctor shopping" is being targeted by a new California law

Painkiller addiction is an issue which has boomed in the last decade in America. The rate of sales of prescription pain killers has grown four times from 1999 to 2010. Addiction follows in the path of pill sales. Overdose deaths from painkillers have also grown four times from 1999 to 2010. "Doctor shopping" is a problem which only enables this addition to painkillers.

California men facing federal charges for hate crimes

In the U.S. there are state and federal courts. Which court hears a given case is largely a question of jurisdiction. Jurisdiction refers to the type of case a court may hear. In general, state courts receive their authority to hear cases from the state, while federal courts receive their authority from the U.S. Constitution. A recent incident in which three California men are facing federal charges may help illustrate why certain cases are heard by one court over another.

Three California men accused of federal terrorist crimes

Multiple California men stand accused federal crimes related to alleged terrorist activity. The men are being accused by federal prosecutors of conspiring to join alongside al Qaeda and Taliban militants in Afghanistan for the purposes of training. Three of the men were indicted together on charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. A fourth man has also been charged with federal crimes related to terrorism, but was charged separately.

Scam sends numerous defendants to jail, many more awaiting trial

A jury in Orange County recently convicted multiple professionals for insurance fraud. The scheme was estimated to have cost insurance companies more than $150 million. According to prosecutors, healthy patients were recruited for dangerous and medically unnecessary procedures in order to bill the insurance companies. White collar crimes such as insurance fraud are a big target for federal prosecutors these days.

Former Sacramento mortgage broker sentenced to 14 years in prison

The umbrella of white collar crime describes a bevy of criminal offenses, primarily motivated personal financial gain. The most common forms of white collar crimes are probably tax evasion, money laundering or insider trading. Over the last decade, however, mortgage fraud has topped the list, with prosecutors cracking down on violators.

Charges dropped against doctor for Internet crimes

Reading about federal drug charges is nothing new to Californians. Bordering on Mexico, California has long been a central player in the trafficking world, but the nature of drug trafficking has changed dramatically. Today, rather than risk transporting drugs along vast highways populated with state and local law enforcement, many traffickers are beginning to sell and ship products online, resulting in a new class of internet-related federal charges.

2 men arrested at the California-Mexico border

According to reports, two men were recently detained by Border Patrol agents and are now facing extradition. Both men are facing serious penalties for various criminal charges. One of the men, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen is wanted for murder in the United States and is awaiting extradition to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The other man is a Romanian national that is also wanted by Italian law enforcement for drug trafficking.

People crossing into California tricked into trafficking drugs

A lot of news has been dedicated to influence of Mexican cartels in the states along the United States' southern border. While federal authorities are putting a tremendous amount of resources into catching those bringing drugs across the international border into California, other unsuspecting people have been hoodwinked into violating drug trafficking laws on behalf of the cartels.

Federal judge drops charges in online scam case

Two consumers filed federal complaints against an Internet-based company and associated individuals for allegedly creating fraudulent digital checks in a payday lending scheme. However, the judge recently dismissed many of the accusations against the company and their supposed accomplices in a Northern California federal court. The individual defendants' motions to dismiss were granted based largely on their specific involvement in the Internet crime scheme.

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