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Couple facing federal charges for allegedly defrauding government

Federal authorities and the Internal Revenue Service take tax fraud and tax evasion incredibly seriously. Individuals convicted of a federal offense for tax fraud or tax evasion can face stiff fines, the forfeiture of property and even long sentences in federal prison.

Southern California bank manager implicated in bank robbery

Whether an individual is accused of a regulatory offense or some other federal offense, those who are accused of federal crimes can count on a tough, uphill battle. Fortunately, in the United States a criminal charge is not a conviction. Nevertheless, prosecutors do not bring cases to court unless they intend to convict. That is why it is so vital that individuals charged with federal crimes consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Federal agents in California crack down on sex trafficking

The Federal Bureau of investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice take the federal offense of human sex trafficking very seriously. Individuals convicted of the federal offense face serious consequences such as long jail terms, financial penalties and classification as a sex offender. The federal crime of human sex trafficking is generally defined as forced prostitution. The crime has been a large target of federal agents.

Federal government cracks down on California fraud scheme

Federal crimes involving fraud encompass a broad range of offenses. While there are many different fraud offenses, a federal offense involving fraud always includes some form of deceitful conduct, false statement or misrepresentation for the purpose of gaining something of value. Penalties for federal crimes involving fraudulent acts may include substantial fines, asset forfeiture, jail sentences, probation or all of the above.

Man investigated for using counterfeit currency in Sierra Vista

Although the Secret Service is known most for its role with the President, the Secret Service's original mandate was to investigate the counterfeiting of U.S. currency. While the Secret Service still investigates currency fraud, their role in federal investigations has expanded to such federal crimes and federal offenses such as financial institution fraud, advance fee fraud and money laundering fraud.

Florida man faces federal charges in San Diego for sex crime

Federal criminal penalties for sex crimes involving minors are incredibly harsh. In addition to long prison sentences, fines and harsh probationary periods, individuals convicted of federal crimes involving a sex or sexual misconduct with a minor can face a lifetime of registering as a sex offender. Unlike other crimes such as murder, sex offender's face a lifelong stigma from the registry that may make a fresh start very nearly impossible.

Viewing animal fights could soon be a federal crime

Federal crimes include any criminal act that falls within the jurisdiction of the federal government, like a crime involving a violation of the federal criminal code or crimes involving interstate commerce. Because of the unique nature of federal crimes and the federal rules of criminal procedure, it is vital that California residents accused of federal offenses contact a criminal defense attorney experienced with federal cases.

Woman faces decade to life for alleged sex trafficking

Federal law enforcement agencies have increased their efforts to crack down on sex trafficking throughout the United States. If convicted of a federal offense for sex trafficking, individuals can face stiff penalties, including long prison terms, fines and a lifetime of sex offender registration and state supervision.

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